Inese Berzina-Pitcher


My work has always been guided by my belief that learning is the key to personal and social change. This has led me to be involved with different exciting projects and has allowed me to work in many disciplinary areas.

Since November of 2016, I am working as a project manager for the Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN), an innovative and passionate community of researchers studying systemic change at higher education institutions and practitioners/change agents who are making systemic change happen at their individual institutions.

Past project involvement:

  • MSU-Wipro STEM and Leadership Fellowship – a member of evaluation and research team
  • MSU College of Education and Azim Premji Foundation/University Partnership -partnership coordinator
  • Global Center for Food Systems Innovation  – a member of Gender and Workforce Development teams.
  • MSU Foundations of Science MOOC  – a member of a team of faculty and graduate students participated in designing the course.
  • IEA Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M) – consortium coordinator.
Personal background:
  • I am a citizen of Latvia and a resident of the United States of America.
  • I came to the U.S., when I was 21.
  • Currently I live in Middleville, Michigan with my spouse and our two boys.
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